What is your style of working?

Like a fly on the wall.  Many people say that they didn’t even notice me there.  I am very discreet and I work very fast.  I am an observer by nature.  Obviously there are times when we need to set up shots for the family photos but even these are done in the most natural way possible.  I don’t believe in disturbing the day or getting in the way.  I photograph what I find unique and interesting  without setting up shots which keeps me fresh and interested.  This avoids me shooting weddings in the same way every time.  I have no templates.

What happens on the wedding day?

Depending on how much time you need me for, I arrive about 2 hours before the ceremony if you would like me to cover the getting ready part. I usually go between the bride and the groom as they get ready, covering the preparations and photographing any special details like jewellery, shoes (I LOVE photographing shoes)..the finishing touches the final emotional moments between family members etc.. Then I photograph the ceremony, keeping a distance  so as not to disturb the flow but making sure I get the important moments and also some observed moments outside of the usual ones.  The couple walking down the isle after the ceremony is one of the best moments for me.  Everybody is happy, it’s all over, the expressions are relaxed at last, the party is about to begin!  The aperitifs is also a great time for photos.  This is when I try to photograph any group pictures that you would like.  I like to do this quickly so that you do not miss too much of your party but also it keeps the photos more natural.  This is a good time to go around and photograph your guests enjoying themselves.  Then depending on how the light is I usually choose about 15 minutes during the aperitifs to photograph the bride and groom by themselves around the grounds.  I choose some nice backgrounds and encourage them to be themselves and natural, to have fun meanwhile I’m capturing some nice moments of you together.  This is optional of course but I highly recommend it.  During the dinner I photograph anything of interest that happens like the speeches and cake cutting and some observed portraits.  I photograph the dancing for up to an hour until I feel like I have some great photos.

Is it necessary to have 2 photographers?

For the larger weddings 100+ people I would recommend it.  I would also recommend it for those who want every single detail covered and who want to make sure that every person at the wedding is photographed.

Do I need you for the whole day?

This depends on your budget.  I think that having getting ready pictures and dancing pictures make the story more complete and after all that is what we are doing, telling a story.  However if your budget does not allow for this I can still tell a very nice story in less hours!

What do we receive after the wedding is over?

After the wedding day we will deliver the photos to you in the form of a slideshow first  because we want you to have an exciting first look at your wedding pictures.   We recommend that you wait for a time that you will be sitting down together with a glass of wine in hand an simply turn up the music and enjoy. We both carefully select the best 60 or 70 photos from the day that represent the beginning to end and choose some super cool music to go with it. This link will be available FOREVER to send to your friends and family especially those who couldn’t make it.  If there are photos that you prefer not to be in the slideshow for some reason you can let us know and we can remove them.  If you have a preference of your own music you can always choose that too.  Although I do suggest that you trust us as much as possible.  After you receive the slideshow you will then receive a personal webpage password protected with all of the wedding pictures.  They will all be photoshopped and you can download them here high resolution.  If you have chosen to purchase prints or a book you will also receive this. The amount of pictures you receive will depend on the package you choose.  It may vary between 200-500 photos. 

How much to you charge?

I have a variety of wedding packages for a variety of needs and budgets.  The prices start at 850 euro for a 4 hour coverage.

Why choose you?

I would say the number one reason is that I take good pictures.  Albums and wedding packages are all secondary.  At the end of the day what you will remember from your wedding photography experience is a handful of outstanding photos that will last forever.

Do you have a question?

please let us know

Original Photography from Barcelona